Making The Most of Lockdown

Some ways to make the most out of lockdown

We’re stuck with it for hopefully not too much longer in total lockdown but the reality is that it’s going to be a while yet. We need some ideas and things to help us get by in a healthy way.

Mental tools such as meditation and yoga should be a part of your plans. The mental side of lockdown is hard to gauge and fathom. Are we coping one minute, then feeling hemmed in the next.

Workout, Yoga and Meditation editors choice

Day 6 of 7 Day Home Workout Challenge

Joe gives us a 7 day challenge and you will be! You need just yourself a modest space wifi and 20 minutes.

Beginners 20 minute Yoga

Adriene is a Yoga superstar with a relentless publishing of classes online for all kinds of needs she has popularised the healthy practise beyond belief. This is a 20 minute beginner class.

10 Minute Guided Meditation

Meditation is hard to get to grips with. The rewards are a happier mind and better life. So it’s worth the time. Here we offer you an in with this 10 minute guided mediation.

Don’t do any one thing for too long such as watching TV or Gaming. Watching TV is likely to bring about negative feelings as we see people on TV living life as no one can at the moment. Try limiting the amount you watch.

Try to get away from your mobile, stop texting and start face timing instead. Seeing other people is important and it can be nice to take the extra time we have to visually connect with people we never had the time for before.

Parents are getting it tough now Easter is over and the kids need homeschooling. It adds to the stress and workload if you are working from home. If this is the case and like me you get to around 4pm and you are roasted in the head and feel the need to relax try meditation instead of drinking.

Putting on weight due to the lack of activity is something we have thought about and have added a couple of things which can help you keep moving. A home gym kit allows you to stimulate muscles that are going to waste and ruin.

Evening Karaoke show– turn off the TV and gather the family with this fun mic (scroll down). It can distort the voice to make funny renditions of your favourite songs or just tell silly jokes!

Young children love the stickies! These links stick to surfaces and each other enabling creative play that is non messy. They work especially well in the bath.

Workout From Home

Fitness equipment

It could be an opportunity to start doing some exercise. Let’s face it we are no longer able to get the same amount of exercise in enforced as in the daily walk to the bus stop. There are some fine exercise at home videos available here online. But if you miss the gym or want to keep up some strength (who doesn’t) then we have some products for you.

Early Learning Fun

Ease Boredom Change Something

This lockdown is a perfect way to change something since our daily habits have been forced to change. Here we bring you some items for lockdown and help with Coronavirus (Covid 19) in general.

Exquisite Wall Birds

Improve the home

Stuck at home? Time to look at some of those DIY projects. These sculptured resin birds also double as strong hooks able to take a large coat or simple keys.

A fun way to spice up your child’s bed. Pops up and clicks in place in seconds.

Speedball GAME ON! This is a fantastic way to get fit and build hand eye coordination.

Great for surviving lockdown.

I would love to hear of your suggestions for how to beat lockdown blues. I suffer from some kind of weirdness and these things have helped me in these difficult times. Namaste.